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Rent equipment with us to adventure on your own


We have gear and adventure tips both for the old and young, experienced and novice!

Outdoor equipment available for rental

Bilete av Sit-on top canoe

Sit-on top canoe

Classic canoe for 2 adults, or 1 adult + 2 children. Fishing gear can be rented for 75 NOK per person.

6 hours



Bilete av Single sea kayak

Single sea kayak

Classic and stable sit-in kayak for 1 person. Required to have a course certificate or provable equivalent experience.

6 hours



Bilete av Double Sea Kayak

Double Sea Kayak

Classic and stable sit-in kayak for 2 people. A good choice if you want to adventure a larger area in the Fjord.

6 hours



Bilete av Fjord SUP

Fjord SUP

Stable adventure fjordSUP for 1 person. A fun way to explore the fjord and waterfalls on warm days! Children under 12 years can follow an adult for free.

6 hours



Bilete av Utleige av telt, turkjøkken, sekk, osv

Utleige av telt, turkjøkken, sekk, osv

Vi kan tilby utleige av tursekk, telt, primus/turkjøkken via vår sammarbeidspartner Naturkompaniet. Dette kan leigast direkte fra Naturkompaniet på AMFi Moa Øst.



Useful information about equipment rental

Please read through and sign our safety rules and rental conditions before renting equipment with us.

• Rentals are available between 10 am - 5 pm. Rental outside our opening hours needs to be confirmed in advanced.

• For bookings on short notice, please call +47 93 01 48 45.

• When renting equipment with us all necessary safety equipment is included in the price.

• If you wish to rent gear for several days we can agree upon a fair price.

• Children/youth under the age 16 needs to be followed by an adult.

Recommended trips to do on your own

Bilete av Habostaddalen


A beautiful hike up one of the most picturesque valleys in the Sunnmøre Alps. Mountains that reach up to 1500+ mas on both sides, and a powerful and wild river running through the middle. This is truly a trip we recommend whether you want a calming hike in the valley, or explore the alpine peaks and glaciers. We are fortunate to have access to a historical mountain farm cabin for overnight stays on tailor adventures in the area.

More information.

Bilete av Muldal waterfall

Muldal waterfall

Muldalsfossen, or Keiser Wilhelmsfoss, is the highest waterfall in the region, and popular hike during our summer months for all ages. The hike is about 2 km one way, and goes on a wide and maintained hiking path from the fjord. The pathway has 13 needle turns, and gives a great view of Tafjorden all the way. To access the viewpoint you need to walk through the farms, and down a pathway on the other side of the waterfalls. The path to the viewpoint is steep, so show caution. Return same way.

More information.

Bilete av Mt. Flyene

Mt. Flyene

This hike give an incredible view for little hassle! From the DNT cabin at Kaldhussætra, the single path goes through a moist and wild forest, and stops at the edge of the cliff above the Onilsa Lake. The view really gives you a prespective of how large our planet is. You can return the same way, or you can continue down towards the Zakarias Dam. The path down to Zakarias is not the best, so we recommend return same way.

More information.

Bilete av Ansokhornet 888moh

Ansokhornet 888moh

This might be the hike with the most iconic view over Storfjorden! Ansokhornet is located right in the split of two fjords in the south direction, which gives the view a perfect lighting. On a sunny day this hike can give you a large view over the surrounding area. Easy hike both summer and winter.

More information.

Bilete av Blæja 1420 moh

Blæja 1420 moh

Kanske Sunnmøres finaste utsikt for en relativt enkel tur. Denne turen startar i Norangsdalen på Fivelstad. Turen tar cirka 2.5-4 timar med en stigning på cirka 1100 høgdemeter på 5km. Utsikten från toppen er opåklagelig rett ned hela Hjørundfjorden. Det er lite skredterreng som må tas hensyn til utenom helt i toppen hvor det gjelder å følja ryggen till topps og tilbake.

Mer info om turen finn du her:

Bilete av Auskjeret på Fjellsætra

Auskjeret på Fjellsætra

En enkel klassiker på ski med utsikt over fjella runt Fjellsætra og mot Ålesund fra toppen. Fjellet er sørøst vendt som gir turen mye sol på fina dagar. Det er mulig at gå hele turen utenom skredterreng (terreng brattere en 30 grader og utløpssone for snøskred.) men krever at man tar bevisste rutevalg. Det finns mange muligheter for nedkjøring som kan by på urørt snø også på dager med mye folk.

For detaljert info om parkering og rute;

Bilete av Slufsa Waterfall

Slufsa Waterfall

Slufsa is a magical waterfall the starts at almost 1000 meters above sea level and cascades straight down into the fjord. You can rent kayaks by the harbor in Tafjord and paddle the short 1km distance out to the waterfall. When there is less water in the waterfall it is even possible to paddle through it. However, we recommend you bring one of our guides for that challenge..

Bilete av Skredseminar med Raein og Naturkompaniet

Skredseminar med Raein og Naturkompaniet

Dette skredseminar ble holdt på Naturkompaniet Ålesund 1. Desember 2022. Alle som deltar på skredkurs hos oss anbefalst at se på dette før oppmøte og stå bedre forberedt til praktiskt kurs! :)

Close by

This region have more to it than only beautiful nature. Below we have listed some of our best tips for the region!

Bilete av Hydropower and Geology Centre

Hydropower and Geology Centre

Hydropower and Avalanche Centre is an interactive museum and activity centre with a 12 meter tall indoor climbing wall, escape room, super slide, landslide installations and lots of history and information about Norwegian landslide, the Tafjord accident, WW2 sabotage Operation Fieldfare etc. For the mose daring, they have a 15 meter rappell outside!

Bilete av Tafjord Outdoor Swimming Pool

Tafjord Outdoor Swimming Pool

Heated outdoor pool right by the fjord. A perfect activity when the temperatures in Tafjord once again hits a record high. Open every day from June - August. A perfect family activity which can be combined with the H & A Centre visit.

Bilete av Activity Park

Activity Park

Valldal Activity Park is a fun and challenging activity park for all levels, and a Zip Line over the river. A perfect activity for families and school classes during the summer months.

Bilete av Ormula Fjellkafé

Ormula Fjellkafé

Ormula Fjellkafé er stedet der fjellgeiter møtast i Valldal for at dele historier og finne informasjon om nærliggende fjell, isfosser, og klatreruter.. Ta deg en tur!

Bilete av Herdalssetra


Norways largest traditional dairy farm is located on the other side of the mountain from Tafjord. Here you can taste local treasures, pet the animals, sleep in old mountain cabins and observ who dairy farming was traditionally done back in the days.

Bilete av Kilsti Compact Lodge

Kilsti Compact Lodge

We are proud to deliver activities and guiding for the guests at Kilsti Compact Lodge. A green micro hotell blended into nature on a shelf straight above Storfjorden. Here you can enjoy a million dollar view over the fjords and the mountains either from your bed, or the sauna.

Bilete av Olagarden


Olagarden is a historic and unique guesthouse located in Tafjord. The interior and exterior takes "local" to a whole new experience; the foundation, the lumber materials, the food and the hosts (Mr & Mrs Tafjord) Once you walk in the door you go 100 years back in time, without any loss of todays comfort.

Bilete av Billingen Sæterpensjonat

Billingen Sæterpensjonat

A hike in Reinheimen is not the same without a night at Billingen Sæterpensjonat. The food is above good, the hosts are always welcoming, and the bedrooms have a peaceful atmosphere. If you dont want to drive to Billingen, you can take a 5 hour walk from Tafjord.

Bilete av Petrines Gjestegiveri

Petrines Gjestegiveri

An idyllic guesthouse with high standards in our neighbor village, Norddal. A young couple bought it a few years ago, and have really made Petrines into a sparkling diamant it once were. A good place to charge the batteries after either a kayak tour or hike from Tafjord.

Bilete av Hytte utleie ved Overøyane Skiarena

Hytte utleie ved Overøyane Skiarena

15% rabatt ved leie av denne flotte hytten ved Overøyane Skiarena når du nevner Raein i bookingen din!

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