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Here you will find various information that may be good to know.

Travel terms

Please read our terms and conditions before booking. When you book a trip with us, the terms below will be part of the agreement you accept. Ræin AS is an adventure company that offers package tours, and is required by the Package Travel Act and associated regulations to be a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund under Norwegian law.

1. General information

Ræin is a travel company located in Tafjord with a sustainable focus and strong local roots. We offer both organised and tailor-made experiences in Sunnmøre. We will always do our best to offer a product that is sustainable both for nature and for the local population. We can therefore guarantee that a tour with us always includes environmental factors, local anchoring and exploitation of natural resources into our offers.

All our guides are professionals with up-to-date skills in the given speciality and first aid in the mountains. In addition to their guiding skills, all our guides are local and familiar with the area.

2. Booking

All bookings must be made through our booking system at, by email or by phone +47 930 14 845. Reservations are binding once you have received a confirmation email.

3. Payment

Your total payment is due 14 days after you have made a reservation. Payment is made either directly via our booking system or via electronic invoices. Once the final reservation is made, you automatically accept our terms and conditions. When booking within 2 weeks, payment must be made immediately.

4. Cancellation

All cancellations must be sent to - cancellations via other channels are not valid.

Cancellations are valid from the date received. Cancellation 15 days before departure: 80% refund of the total cost

Cancellation 14-8 days before departure: 50% refund of the total cost

Cancellation 7-0 days before departure: no refund

5. Changes to the itinerary

If the participant wishes to make changes to a confirmed booking, there will be a service charge of 300 NOK per participant.

6. Changes before departure

We will always do our best to follow the itinerary, but we know that sudden changes in transport, activities, accommodation or other circumstances may occur. If there are any changes to the itinerary, we will update the website and our customers as soon as possible. We know that nature always has the last word. Flexibility is therefore a key to good experiences. Your safety is our main concern. Our guides and the office may therefore make changes to the itinerary for safety reasons.

If the changes are too great from the original itinerary, the participant can terminate the agreement with Ræin AS. This notice must be sent by e-mail in reasonable time to

7. Participants under 18 years of age

Participants under the age of 18 need written permission from a responsible person before participating in our tours/courses/activities. Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible person/adult on most trips.

8. Minimum number of participants

Fixed departures require a minimum number of participants. In this case, Ræin AS may cancel the departure within a reasonable time if there are not enough participants. Registered participants will be offered to postpone/move their reservation, or be refunded the total cost of the tour. If participants wish to carry out the tour with a lower number of participants, Ræin AS will look into the possibility of alternative implementation.

9. Participant's responsibility on the tour

Our qualified guides will always focus on your safety, and we therefore strongly recommend that you follow the instructions. If you are responsible for creating unpleasant incidents on tour, you may be told to cancel the tour by Ræin AS. If you cancel the tour for personal reasons, the extra cost will be charged to the participant. On our tours it is not allowed to be intoxicated during activities and you are responsible for informing Ræin AS or the guide about vital health problems and medical use. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their accident and travel insurance covers the activity we carry out. You participate at your own risk, and should an unforeseen accident or illness occur, neither the company nor our guides can be held responsible. Insurance documents must be included in the trip. Participants are responsible for replacing rental equipment damaged due to irresponsible behaviour.

10. Our responsibility

We promise to carry out the tour according to the tour plan as far as possible. At the same time, it is important to note that nature always has the last word.

Should changes be made to the plan, we promise to find alternatives as close to the original plan as possible (see more about changes to the tour plan in a separate section).

Ræin is not responsible for losses and unforeseen situations beyond our control. If we cancel the tour more than 30 days before departure, you as a guest will receive a full refund.

11. What is included?

All our tours have different agendas. What is included in the price can be found on the different tour descriptions. In general, none of our tours include travel costs to/from the tour/activity, taxes to enter Norway, alcoholic beverages, accident and travel insurance and other activities outside the tour description.

12. Disputes

If you notice any deviations from the tour plan, you must tell the guide as soon as possible. Complaints after the end of the activity must be sent to within 7 days after the end of the tour. If disagreements arise between Ræin AS and a customer, Norwegian laws are followed.

Safety information

Safety precautions an rules

The safety precaution mentioned below is part of the participation form that all participants must sign before partaking in any trips with us. It is the participant's responsibility to read and sign the participation form. Raein has safety as a primary focus on our trips and courses and they are planned and executed accordingly. All our guides must be either Norwegian mountaineering association certified or IFMGA to hold activities involving ropes as a safety tool, in a natural setting.

Participating in trips and courses in nature always involves a certain amount of risk of accidents that can result in injury or worse. Nature is an ever-changing environment and it is impossible to prepare for all scenarios. We prepare and plan all our trips to reduce risk as much as possible within the frame of the given activity. The guide/instructor is in the end responsible for the safety of the group and all instructions given by the instructor/guide should be adhered to. However, you are also responsible for your own safety and should voice any concerns about your safety and abilities so that the instructor or guide can address them. Our guides can read people quite well, but they are not mind readers.

Raein cannot be held responsible for any accidents, loss of personal belongings, or damages/injury as a result of not following the instructions of the guide or instructor.

Any claims or suits must be filed in a Norwegian court and cannot be filed against Raein AS outside of Norway.

Pictures taken during the trip or course can be used for marketing purposes by Raein, if you do not wish to have pictures of you shared by Raein AS then please inform the guide or instructor. Typically the guide/instructor will ask for your permission before sharing any media where you may be portrayed.

In order for the guide to be able to take responsibility for the safety of the group, all participants must be co-responsible and:

  • Adhere to the guides/instructors instructions
  • Actively participate in the group and not act individually.
  • Follow the guide or instructor if nothing else has been instructed
  • Stop and wait at designated/instructed locations

Other participant responsibilities;

  • It is important that guests inform Raein or the guide of any illnesses, previous injuries, or other ailments that may be important for the guide to be aware of.
  • Guests are responsible for borrowed equipment and equipment damaged or lost due to neglect will be charged to the guest.
  • Any possible legal action against Raein AS or any employee of Raein AS must be filed through the Norwegian court system.
  • Pictures taken during the trip/course can be used by Raein for marketing purposes, please inform Raein if this is not accepted by you befoehand.

Below you will find specific rules related to the different activities we provide.


Our guest wellness is important to us, and it is therefor important to us that you stay home if you have any symptoms or signs of Covid. We recommend all our guest to check if the travel insurance covers financial loss if you get covid or end up in quarantine.

All our tours and activites follow national guidelines for infection control.

Privacy policy and cookies

Below you can read more about what information we use and collect when you visit our website. This is information you are entitled to if information is collected from our website about you.

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Google Analytics

As an important part of the work of creating a user-friendly website, we look at the user pattern of those who visit the website. To analyze the information, we use the analysis tool Google Analytics.

Google Analytics uses cookies (small text files that the website stores on the user's computer), which register the user's IP address, and which provide information about the individual user's movement online. An example of what the statistics give us answers to is; how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, which websites the users come from and which browsers are useful. None of the cookies allows us to link information about your use of the website to you as an individual.

The information collected by Google Analytics is stored on Google's servers in the United States. Information received is subject to Google's Privacy Policy.

An IP address is defined as personal information because it can be traced back to a specific hardware and therefore to an individual. We use Google Analytics' tracking code that anonymizes the IP address before the information is stored and processed by Google. In this way, the stored IP address cannot be used to identify the individual user.

If you have questions / wish to know more about our processing of personal data, do not hesitate to get in touch (contact information can be found on our website).

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