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Multiday kayak from Tafjord to Geirangerfjord



Multiday kayak tour at Geirangerfjorden

5 days





  • Multiday kayak tour from Tafjord to Geiranger
  • A outstanding and pure adventure in Geirangerfjorden World Heritage Area
  • Several hikes to mountain farms above the fjord
  • Local hosts and guides
  • A close meeting with nature and its wildlife

The kayak trip covers a distance of 65 km, and it will take 4 days to paddle / 3 nights in a tent. This is a uniqe way to experience the great nature in the fjord region in Norway. Two of the fjords we are kayaking on are on the UNESCO's World Heritage List, due to their spectacular natural and cultural heritage. This is raw wilderness combined with local culture and environment. Besides the first night we will sleep in tents along the fjord. The first night we sleep at Olagarden guesthouse in Tafjord. This is because the first day will mainly consist of a kayak safety course on the fjord, and packing. Olagarden serves a local dinner for us on our first night, the rest of the night we will make dinner over the camp stove together.

Read more about the days in our day-to-day program. If your still wondering if this is a tour for you - send us a email or give us a call. If the pre-set dates do not work for you, we also offer the tour on request for groups.

We advise no one to carry out this trip on their own. The fjord system can be challenging both in terms of areas with rockfalls, underwater currents, and few exit options. Ræin AS has completed the trip several times and has a good collaboration with landowners along the fjord.

Nyttig info

This trip is suitable for anyone over the age of 16 who has experience with kayaking and manages to spend long days on the water. Participants between the ages of 16 and 18 can only participate together with parents / guardians. No requirements for documented knowledge in kayaking, but the guest is responsible for having basic paddling skills and would need to demonstrate a buddy-rescue on day one. The trip includes an introduction kayak course on the first day. The fjord system we paddle can offer all kinds of weather and wind, and this means that the trip can be anything from "easy" to demanding. Even though we hope to paddle during the day, weather and wind will provide guidelines for when in the day we paddle. It is therefore important that the participants are prepared for this. We paddle an average of 15-20 km every day. Should the weather or wind provide too great a challenge for the trip to be completed, the guide and the office will do their best to set up an alternative arrangement. On the trip we will make dinners outdoor in camp. Contact us if your are unsure if this trip is suitable for you.

  • Experienced, certified, and local guide
  • Kayak gear (incl. drysuit) and safety equipment
  • Tent, cooking stove, pots, and gas
  • 1 x all-inclusive lodging and food
  • 3 x nights in a tent
  • Transport back to Tafjord from Geiranger

  • Food during the kayaking trip (can be added for an additional cost)
  • Transport to and from start/end point (Tafjord)
  • Alcohol and snacks
  • Travel and medical insurance

To wear under the dry suite

  • Wool shirt and long john
  • Caps/hat
  • Gloved
  • Buff
  • Sunglasses

In waterproof bags (pack in small once to fit into the kayak)

  • Wind- og waterproof jacket
  • Wind- og waterproof pants
  • Lightweight hiking shoes (can be low)
  • Waterproof bags to fit into the kayak
  • 2 IKEA bags (smart to have to move equipment from the kakay to the camp)
  • Extra wool shirt, long john, underwear and socks
  • Mid-layer: wool sweather, fleec or thin down jacket
  • Hiking pants to wear in camp and at short hikes
  • Down jacket to wear at camp (can get cold even at a summer night)
  • Shorts og t-shirt incase warm weather
  • Two drinking bottles that can fill 2 liters in total
  • Termos
  • Cutlery, plate and cup for outdoor eating
  • Mosquito spray and sunscreen
  • Swimming wear and a small towel
  • Isolating sleeping mat
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent (can be rented)
  • Primus (can be rented)
  • Headlamp with extra batteries
  • Toilet paper og antibac
  • Toiletries
  • Fishing pole (bring butter, salt and pepper to fry the fish if your an optimist)
  • Camera (remember to bring a small waterproof container for phone and camera)
  • Power bank for charging phone
Food (there are no place to buy food during the kayak tour)
  • Breakfast x 3
  • Lunch x 4
  • Dinner x 3
  • Snacks for 4 days
  • We can arrange food for participants for additional cost. Due to limited storage in the kayaks, each participant must have room for their own meals.

As the trip starts and ends in Tafjord, it will be possible to store extra luggage there during the paddle trip.

The guide will always put the group's safety as a priority. At this tour we have a 24/7 preparedness service incase of an emergency. This means that weather, wind, and other conditions will always provide guidance as to whether the planned route can be completed or not. Should the weather be too bad, we as the organizer will cancel, and you will be offered to move the trip or a full refund. Remember to read through our booking conditions and safety rules as this is automatically part of the agreement when you book a trip.


Welcome to Tafjord - Introduction course sea kayak

We meet in Olagarden at 2:00 pm to check in and lunch. Afterwards we will walk down to our office and find personal equipment and a introduction course to kayaking. The kayak trip we´re about to do is long, and it´s important that both the gear and guests are well prepared. After the course we will head back to Olagarden for a locally made three course dinner and a tour preparation meeting where we will go through the route. Olagarden is an authentic guesthouse which takes us 100 years back in time, located in the center of Tafjord.

15-20 km | 5-6 hours active kayaking + 1 hour hike

After breakfast the adventure begins. We will try to be ready to depart from our base in Tafjord no later than 10:00 am. Today we will padle Tafjorden, which is known for the Tafjord nature disaster, purposes and war history. We will pass lots of waterfalls and abandoned fjord farms. About half way we will go on shore and visit an abandoned farm and eat lunch.

Once we reach our camp site we will make dinner and save up energy for the next day.

15-20 km | 6-7 hours active kayaking | 1 hour walking

Today we will try to get started a bit earlier than yesterday. We have a more challenging day than yeasterday, and to make our odds better we need to use the day light. Synnylvsfjorden and Smoge are on todays schedule, and for many of our guests a highlight. Smoge is an very well maintained mountain farm at 300 mas where we can be lucky to get a private tour with the owners. The farm is located on one of the widest parts of the fjord, and the hike up give a great view of the surrounding area. After visiting Smoge we will keep on kayaking to a hidden gem right by the fjord.

Since the fjord becomes wider, the water can become more challenging acting more like the open sea so we have planned for using a bit more time this day than the other in order to maintain safety.

15-20 km | 5-6 hours active kayaking

Today we will enter the prestige Geirangerfjorden. Most of the day we will spend on the piteresq Synnylvsfjorden and pas the famous Åkerneset. We will also today stretch our legs out and go for a hike up to a small "village". Synnylvsfjorden is wider than Geirangerfjorden, which makes the contrast today large. Viking history and surveillance of mountain movements are some of todays highlights. Thanks to local farmers, we are today lucky and get to spend a night at one of the farms - in a tent. Todays camp have some great swimming spots, so perhaps today is a day for some fjord-spa and fishing?

12-15 km | 3-4 hours active kayaking | 1 hours hiking + sightseeing in Geiranger

The picturesque stage through Geirangerfjorden to Geiranger! This is the shortest padle leg of the trip, and we have plenty of time to hike up to the famous farm Skageflå. We will padle passed several waterfalls today, and it will be possible to take a waterfall shower for those who feel the call. Once we reach the village Geiranger we will have 1,5 hours to look around before we are being transported back to Tafjord and Olagarden. We aim on being in Tafjord around 6 p.m.

An additional night in Olagarden Tafjord can be arranged prior to the tour on request.