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Fjord SUP



Guided SUP tour





Have you tried SUP before? SUP is on of our favorite ways to explore the peaceful Tafjorden on a sunny day! Our SUP's are made in Norway, and have a very stable contruction. Both young and old have a great chance of mastering our guided tours. Standing on a SUP also gives you a better look into the fjord, and maybe you'll get lucky to spot life under the surface? Or a porpoise rising up to get some fresh air?

In Norway you can rent SUP's without a wetcard, so if you would rather explore the fjord on your own you can rent a SUP! Our SUP can fit one adult and a child on one bord.

Price for a 3 hour SUP tour with guide:

Adult: 850 kr p.p | Child/youth up to 15 years: 750 p.p (minimum 3 pax)

SUP rental: 450.- kr per day

SUP rental is for 6 hours (10 am - 4 pm), but you can pick it up and return it within our office hours.

Nyttig info

This tour is suitable for everyone that is comfortable in water. Kids down to any age can join together with an adult. Above 15 you can join without an adult. SUP is for may a fun activity which does not demand too much phyical work. If you are not comfortable with standing at first, you can start sitting on your knees before standing completely up. You will at all times wear a life jacket, and wet suits/dry suits can be rented for 250 kr in additional cost.